Danni Daniels

Danni Gets Romantic

Danni Daniels shoves her huge cock up her co-stars ass in a hot new scene from TS-SeductionDanni shows off her softer side in a romantic dinner date with her new boyfriend, the two have not been intimate yet so Danni is anxious to see what her handsome man has under his shorts. What ensues is one of the most intense and erotic sex scenes she has ever filmed in the venerable Kink Castle, you will surely agree.

If you’re a fan of Danni Daniels you now this truly exotic fetish queen gives her all in her scenes, in this latest episode of Danni’s exploits it seems they just let the camera’s roll and told Danni to go at it naturally. This is pure raw sex action at it’s best, the two performers are so into it, they are completely oblivious to the fact that there are camera’s in the room.

There is some very good cock sucking from both performers, Danni even decides to jerk off while she shoves her big toe up her mans ass. And of course the highlight of any Danni Daniels scene is when she starts fucking, she’s humps this studs ass like she loves it and the camera angles are right there up close to capture her huge cock going deep in his hole. Capped off by one of the hottest cum-shots you’ll ever see, Danni aims for his open mouth, and her load is shooting so hard it ricochets off his face and flies about four feet over his head, and she keeps on cumming.

This is a must see and a must own for fans of Danni, and especially for those who just appreciated good hard fucking and sucking. You can download the scene from the members area of TS-Seduction, or simply buy individual clip from the VOD Store. You’ll be glad you did…

Fetish Queen Danni Daniels Fucks Her Man

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