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Kinky Sunshyne

Shemale superstar Sunshyne Monroe continues to impress with her kinky styleA hot new shemale site has hit the market which features a variety of kinky pleasures, performed of course by some of the kinkiest t-girls in the business. T-Girl Fetishes is under the umbrella of SMC Productions, produced exclusively by photographer Jasmine Jewels in her own private dungeon.

Featured transsexual performers include the lovely Ryder Monroe, the very alluring and horny Jenna Rachels, as well as the extra kinky Sunshyne Monroe among others.

Many fetishes are explored at T-Girl Fetishes, bondage, foot play, smoking, as well as some kinky ass play by way of Ashley George. Keeping in tradition with other sites from SMC, T-Girl Fetishes is a high quality erotic site that is sure to get off newbies and tranny porn aficiando’s alike.

There is a kink and a fetish for everyone, and T-Girl Fetish covers them all, you’ll get all of your favorite TS sex stars all in one site for one low pice.

Kinky shemales tgirlfetishes-com

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2 Thoughts to “T-Girl Fetishes”

  1. Sarab Blonde

    My Wife and I have been married for about 3 years now and have since recently, been looking to have our first experience with a she male. I met a girl online name Judy and after chatting for a while and exchanging pictures we agreed to a meet and greet.
    Judy proved to be a very sexy transgender with feminine features. Her highlighted hair was long and she had size B cup breast with a thick firm ass and long pretty legs. She was very beautiful and had an awesome personality. We sat down and chatted at a local café and got to know each other better. She agreed to come by the house later that night to meet my wife. As soon as I got home I called my wife and told her the news. My wife told me she was going to be working late but gave me the green light, she asked me to fuck the tranny and see what I thought. I was nervous that evening when Judy called and said she’d be there in an hour.
    Nasty thoughts flooded my mind as I rehearsed how I’d initiate first contact. With butterflies in my stomach I went and showered to prepare for a night of hot sex and fantasy fulfillment. As soon as I was out and dressed the door bell rang, it was her. I let her in and showed her around the house and explained that my wife would be running late but would surely join us later. I poured us some wine and we sat on the living room couch to talk. We talked about my marriage and what experiences my wife and I had shared. “Why don’t you come sit next to me? I won’t bite” she said as she patted the spot next to her. I got up and went to sit next to her and she turned to face me and asked “so you figured you would warm me up on your own”? She grabbed my hand and put it on her silky, smooth thigh. I rubbed on her smooth legs then she kissed me with such fire and passion.
    As we made out on the couch she began feeling her way down to my shorts to feel my hard cock. She caressed my dick through the fabric of my shorts as I slid my fingers up her skirt. “You like what you feel” she asked as she pushed my hand up forcing me to feel the mound under her panties. “Oh yes baby” I whispered as we now felt each others massive erections with our tongues entwined. I laid her back and kissed down her neck while I squeezed her tits and pushed them up and out of her bra. She closed her eyes and moaned as I made my way down her chest to her nipples. I sucked on her tits and licked her nipples while she moved her skirt up. Her skin was so soft and tender and her body tasted so good that I wondered what the rest of her tasted like. As I now took my shirt off she unzipped her dressed and slid it off exposing her red and white panties and bra. With no hesitation I started kissing at her legs while she unclipped her bra to unleash her beautiful breast.
    I licked all over her thighs and she moaned and pinched her nipples.
    Suddenly the mound under her panties grew larger as I now circled my tongue around it and kissed it making it moist. She pulled her panties aside and out came this 7 inch shaved cock with the head extra wet. I closed my eyes as she pushed me down to swallow her love stick in my mouth. I sucked her wet cock and balls as she held my head watching me circle the head with my tongue. Her juicy dick tasted delicious and I wanted more so I sucked on for about 20 minutes. With each lick and peck her dick protruded more pre cum which I swallowed with pleasure. Here I lay on top of this hot tranny, with her dick in my

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