Hardcore Shoot – Party

Being on a porn shoot and not filming or directing is a bit strange, but it did take me back to the live sex shows on Times Square I used to attend when I was a virile strapping lad. Britney St Jordan has recently launched her solo website, and tonight’s shoot with TS Tempest was for her site.

Tempest has had her own site on line for a while now, but has just completed a re-design and is now available as TS Rockdolls, which is a very unique and lusty site featuring herself and her kinky friends. Both of these t-girls are kinky that’s for sure, and real pros too, when Tempest said she would deliver her cum-shot in 2 minutes, damn if she didn’t deliver it in 2 minutes.

Next up was the pre awards party at Buddy Woods house, barbecue was provided by TS Morgan Bailey, and it was quite good I might add. I met Buddy in NY a couple of years ago before I knew who he was, I’m glad I was able to meet up with him again as he is a very cool guy and a very genial host. I also got to meet my girl TS Jesse, who is such a sweet girl and so attractive, that was a personal highlight.

It was a very laid back party, good food, wine and cheese, and plenty of naked t-girls dipping in the hot tub. Miss Liberty Harkness and Joanna Jet came over from London and Miss Liberty is so funny, she doesn’t just flirt with other t-girls, she makes certain she grabs their crouch before she kisses them….(to be continued)

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