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Interview with Brazilian glamour girl Bianka NascimentoWe had the pleasure of sitting down for a candid interview with vivacious TS adult star Bianka Nascimento, in a revealing discussion of both her career, and her hot new website. What we learned about this gorgeous glamour model is that she is very down to earth, passionate, and of course as well all know, sexy as hell.

Fans of Transsexual Adult are certainly well aware of Bianka’s resume, getting her start over five years ago, Bianka has appeared in some of the top selling Transsexual DVD’s and popular adult websites in recent years.

Originally from Rio Grande of North Brazil, Bianka has found a new home and a new career with the release of her solo website Bianka-Nascimento.Com. Bianka also holds the distinction of being the first Brazilian performer to join the SMC Productions network of solo sites.

We hope you enjoy our interview with a truly gorgeous and alluring Shemale Superstar, as well as a totally sweet and beautiful person, Miss Bianka Nascimento.

Interview – Bianka Nascimento

TS-Newsreel: How long have you been working in the Adult Industry? How did you get your start?

Bianka: “I’ve worked in the Industry since I was 17, my first movie it was when I turned 18 with a TS called Shakira Voguel in São Paulo, was not one of my best jobs, to be honest” (lol)

TS-Newseel: Where are you originally from and where are you currently based?

Bianka: “I’m originally from North Natal, North of Rio Grande, but I currently live in Ireland (I know, u gonna ask why Ireland?) but I’m there for personal reasons! Love and stuff, etc. etc.

TS-Newsreel: Congratulations on your hot new website, for those who have not yet joined, describe for us the content and what fans can expect upon joining.

Bianka: “Well, the creation of my website was something I didn’t really expect, but I hope to be making one of biggest and best sites for people who like me as performance, they are more than welcome to join.

TS-Newsreel: You seem very open in your sexual preferences, do you prefer to bottom or top? or both?

Bianka: “I prefer both, but particularly top ? lol

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Bianka Nascimento solo website by SMC Productions

TS-Newsreel: How long have you been transgendered, at what age did you
decide to live full time as a girl?

Bianka: “I started at age 17 with my transition, but at 14 was when I realized that I was born in the wrong gender.

TS-Newsreel: Do you masturbate when you’re alone, are there sexual
fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?

Bianka: “Well I like sex in normal occasions, I mean, unexpected because everything is normally programmed. I don’t really have a special fantasy but something that really turns me on is Voyeurism, watching other people have sex, lol

TS-Newsreel: Have you worked with real females in any of your scenes,
do you have those scenes on your website?

Bianka: I did yes, but not for my website. It’s so funny because every time I’m organizing myself to work with a girl, it never happens, I don’t now why, but for sure it will come soon.

TS-Newsreel: What do you want your fans to think of while watching your sex scenes?

Bianka: “Thinking about the naughty, the sexy, and the glam. I’m trying to be me, not only something nasty and dirty, it’s something magical.

TS-Newsreel: How did your personal website come about, how has it been working with SMC Productions?

Bianka: “As I said before, it was something unexpected. I’m still working on that, still trying to create my brand. I would say guys be patient with me, in the world of websites I’m just a babe and I time, so thanks for your support.

TS-Newsreel: Is there anything you would like to say to all of your fans?

Bianka: “First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU! for everyone who follows my career. It’s not really easy, but for sure I’m trying not disappointed. My website will be one of the best, because when I do something it’s with my heart, not for something more, so keep following me.

TS-Newsreel: What projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Bianka: I’m working my mind right now, preparing myself to retire from the business eventually. My body talks to me, I’m almost 30 years old ( I’m not that young anymore ) lol. I’ve decided to work only for my website, but as I said, it’s just a babe project. I’ve met incredible people all over the word, those people have helped me a lot in so many ways. I’m grateful for all the experience I have lived, but I’m also in need of a bit of peace of spirit.

TS-Newsreel: Do you perform on cam or offer your website members any
special products or services?
Bianka: “Not yet, but it’s something I’m planning to do.

TS-Newsreel: How can your fans reach you, Social Media?

My Facebook: BiankaNascimento26
My Instagram: BiankaNascimento27
My Twitter: @BiankaNascimen4

“Again, thanks for Interviewing me, one big kiss to all my fans and we are in touch. Love you all and keep following me, and never forget to follow your dreams as well!

God bless ??
With love,

Bianka Nascimento

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