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TS-Newsreel interviews Isabella SorrentiWe’re thrilled to present one of the newest and most dynamic performers currently working in Transsexual Adult, her name is Isabella Sorrenti and even though she’s just shy of five month’s in the adult industry, she’s already made a big impact on fans around the world.

Isabella Sorrenti has appeared on most all major websites and is also gracing the cover of the latest episode of the long running series from Devils Film Transsexual Babysitters 28, an honor which is not normally afforded to talent as new as herself.

We recently sat down with Isabella to discuss her feeling about performing on screen, as well as some of her personal preferences where sex is concerned.

Isabella is a very vibrant and horny tgirl and admits to masturbating two to three times per day, one reason she claims not to have erection issues while on set. Help us welcome Isabella Sorrent

Interview With Isabella Sorrenti

TS-Newsreel: Give us a little background Isabelli

IsabellaI was born in Florence, Italy. I came to the US when I was 4 years old and moved with my family to Kearney, Missouri. Once I turned 17 I joined the Marines and came out here to California

TS-Newsreel: When did you start transitioning?

Isabella I began transitioning about 2 years ago. When I was around 4-5 years old my mother would dress me up in her clothing and put makeup on me. I became so used to it that I started to wonder if dressing like the other girls is what I was supposed to be doing.

TS-Newsreel: Which websites have you appeared on and which scene stands out the most?

Isabella I’ve been on Shemale.XXX, ShemaleYum, Pure-TS, Bob’s T-Girls,, and I think the one scene that has stood out the most was the one with Christian XXX.

TS-Newsreel: What on screen activities do you perform and / or prefer?

Isabella TS on TS, Guy on TS, TS on Guy, Shooting with TSPH end of this month so TS on GG.

TS-Newsreel: Who would you most like to shoot a scene with in the future?

Isabella I’d like to do a scene with Aubrey Kate, Honey Foxxx, Foxxy, Venus Lux, Liberty Harkness and Ruckus.

Isabella Sorrenti - ChristianXXXIsabella Sorrenti - ChristianXXXIsabella Sorrent - ChristianXXXIsabella Sorrenti - ChristianXXX

TS-Newsreel: Do you have a kinky side?

Isabella I’m a dominatrix aside from the porn so yes I have an extremely sadistic kinky side. I love inflicting pain on those who ask for it. Just a big turn on for me. I will basically do everything but edge play

TS-Newsreel: How have you enjoyed working in the Adult Industry?

Isabella It’s only been a little over 4 months and so far it’s been great, It’s all a matter of how you market yourself and how well you can perform.

TS-Newsreel: What Social Media Accounts can you fans find you?

Isabella For now they can find me on my Twitter. My handle is @isabellasorrnti. I am in the process of starting up my own site which will launch sometime in June <3

TS-Newsreel: Thanks for speaking with us Isabella, it’s been a real pleasure and we want to wish you all the success that you deserve.

Isabella Thank you, I hope your readers buy my movies and get off while they watch me.

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