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Exclusive interview with Transsexual Adult star Sunshyne MonroeWith so many new girls entering Transsexual Adult every day, there are still some tried and true performers who not only stand the test of time, but continue to grow and bring consistent sexy.

The most glowing example of that is the ever gorgeous Sunshyne Monroe, and she’s still a young girl with many years of sexy ahead of her.

Her website has been going strong since it’s launch several years ago for SMC Productions and she is offering plenty more fun sets and other goodies to her on line presence.

Sunshyne has been a good friend of ours over the years and it’s with great pleasure that we offer this recent sit down with her, one of the sweetest and sexiest girls in the world.


Our Interview With TS Superstar Sunshyne Monroe

TS-Newsreel: Let’s start with your website, how long have you been on line and what can members expect when they join?

Sunshyne: Sunshyneland is really my baby. I launched it even before I started doing adult films, but if you’re asking when it became a member site, I believe in 2012. The one thing I can say about my site is that it has a little of everything, from orgies to me peeing everywhere, topping, bottoming and bareback, you name it. And if you love tranny feet I don’t think there is any better.

TS-Newsreel: We’ve noticed you’re doing more TS on TS scenes, specifically Penny Tyler and Kelli Lox, how did those scenes come about and how was the experience of working with those girls?

Sunshyne: This is something that for me if you were to have asked me two years ago I would have said you were crazy! However my sexuality has grown so much, I’m just more open about sex in general, this is for sure the tip of the iceberg. People are going to be shocked at some of the things I’m going to be releasing, as for the two young ladies you are inquiring about, I asked Omar for a few girls I should do scenes with, as I really don’t watch Trans porn at all, and they were on the short list of girls, I have a few more that should be released soon.

TS-Newsreel: When you started in adult you were primarily a top, now you’re doing more bottom scenes, has your preferences changed or do you bottom more so for your fans?

Sunshyne: Truthfully I’ve always been more of a bottom in my personal life, this is why it’s rare to find movies of me bottoming with male talent. Also a lot of girls can’t top well, so if the director knows you can top and top good they will want you to top. Seeing that I’m good at it, I don’t see stopping anytime soon. I simply enjoy both, just depends on the person.

TS-Newsreel: You’ve been an adult entertainer for quite a while now, how has the lifestyle been for you and what more would you like to do in the business?

Sunshyne: I must say my life isn’t prefect, but I know how lucky I am, I live a wonderful life. I can get whatever I want, go where ever I want, do whatever I want, get whatever I want. So many girls shoot every year, thousands really. To be one of the few that get to make a good living off of this for more then 15 minutes is rare, I’m fully aware of that, I really just want to step it up a notch. I recently released a scene called sexy desert goddess on, I want to continue on this route just shooting good quality original content.

Sunshyne Monore - Sunshyland.ComSunshyne Monore - Sunshyland.ComSunshyne Monore - Sunshyland.ComSunshyne Monore - Sunshyland.Com

TS-Newsreel: What does an internationally recognized glamour girl do for fun, how does Sunshyne Monroe unwind when the camera’s aren’t rolling?

Sunshyne: Fun? I don’t even know what that is as of lately, lol. No, I’m more of a homebody, I like to just hangout with my family and friends. I try to workout a few times a week, I love indoor wall claiming. I love a spa day, spend time there a few days a week, as well love a tanning bed and shopping like most women is always a good idea, lol. Most of my friends say that I’m an old lady because I’m sometimes in bed by 9pm.

TS-Newsreel: We’ve heard rumors of a new feature DVD, will this be a compilation or are you shooting new footage?

Sunshyne: Yes I’m so excited about this, SMC has been trying to get me to put something together for a while now, but I was never happy with the product I would come up with. I’m pretty sure I’ll be releasing two DVDs this year, if not, the second will be released early 2017. I’m not sure if the first will be a compilation or new footage, maybe both. I like the idea of compiling because I can see which sets are most popular and can go from there, however fans always love fresh content. The second release will be all original content though, that I am sure of.

TS-Newsreel: What other business related activities have you been involved with, are you traveling, do you do cam shows?

Sunshyne: I own two other non porn related companies one I’ve had for years now that keeps me busy. I will be doing a few club appearances this Fall, you can find the dates on once they are announced. I’ll be doing free webcam shows for members of Sunshyneland, that will start in July.

TS-Newsreel: You’ve recently launched a new on line store, what can shoppers find there and do you offer specialty items of any kind?

Sunshyne: Yes! ClubSunshyne.Com it’s basically an online store where you can purchase everything from signed DVDs to cum filled panties. I will be adding a VOD feature with clips exclusive to I super happy with the response I’ve been getting, people really seem to love the personalized scenes.

TS-Newsreel: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or other projects you’d like to make known?

Sunshyne: I just want to tell them thank you, as I said before they give me a wonderful life and I hope they enjoy what I have for them.

TS-Newsreel: What social media accounts are your currently active on and how can we follow you?

Sunshyne: Twitter @Sunshyneland, Instagram @Sunshyneworld, Facebook TsSunShyneMonroe.

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