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Penny Tyler showing off her big functional dick and sexy new tits at her personal website pennytylerxxx.comPenny Tyler has been a friend of Trans-Glam Productions since she first entered the adult industry, it didn’t take us long to realize this is a special girl with naturally gorgeous looks, and the skills to become one of the top stars in Transsexual Adult.

Penny has been featured on all the major t-girl websites and has appeared in top selling DVD’s during her time acting and modeling. In 2013 Penny received a TEA Award along with her girlfriend Gina Hart for her work on the popular site ShemaleStrokers.Com. Since then, Penny has taken her sexy up a notch by completing her transition, as well as opening her own solo website for SMC Productions.

The arrow is pointing up for this lusty glamour girl and the sky is the limit, we’re thrilled to present her for you doing her first ever interview with TS-Newsreel. Take this opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful, and dynamic performers of our time, we also encourage you to join to her very hot website PennyTylerXXX.Com for more sexy fun.

Interview ~ Penny Tyler

TS-Newsreel: Hi Penny, welcome to TS-Newsreel and thanks for taking the time to chat. How have you been lately?

Penny: Thank you for having me, it’s been a long time coming! I’m doing well, just busy, how about you?

TS-Newsreel: We are good and thrilled to have you with us, tell us where you’re from and what inspired you to become an adult actress and model?

Penny: I’m from Southern California, and to be honest, nothing inspired me, I just needed the money, but I do enjoy it. There is however, girls who did inspire confidence in myself.

TS-Newsreel: Congratulations on your hot new website, I joined and love it, how have fans received it thus far?

Penny: You did? YOU DO!! Oh Thank you, that makes me so happy! I Don’t know for sure yet, at this point I don’t care. I’m just happy people are still looking at my work, I’m happy TO BE working. I’m content… A good content.

TS-Newsreel: You seem to be versatile in your hardcore scenes, do you have any preferences toward being a top, bottom?

Penny: Well in my personal life I’m a total power bottom (depending on person), but on camera I love being a top, I feel like I don’t really have to worry about looking too pretty, just my cock…

Penny’s Hardcore Scene With Porn Stud Smith


TS-Newsreel: You’ve done some of the most amazing cum-shots that we’ve ever seen in Transsexual Adult, is there something about being in front of the camera that really turns you on, or do you always have such intense orgasms?

Penny: Thank you for noticing! No, I just have intense orgasms, but I do like to fantasize about some fans from time to time… I don’t know, I just get hard when I wanna get hard!

TS-Newsreel: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention your sexy new boobs, it’s certainly a big step in a girls life, how has the transition been for you?

Penny: It’s been hard, but it has been getting better. I never had any tranny mothers or sisters “guiding” me, so I kinda feel like a girl who’s mother never told her about periods and now she’s getting one for the first time and doesn’t know what to do. I’m catching on.

TS-Newsreel: You’ve worked with all the major companies in the business, and have appeared in many top selling DVD’s, is there a scene or DVD that you feel is your best, or most liked?

Penny: You know, I’m not sure, I guess it depends on who you ask. My two favorite scenes would have to be my ShemaleStrokers hardcore with Gina Hart, and my hardcore for Grooby with Tori Mayes. Both girls where the easiest to work with and blast to be around, I think it showed on camera!

TS-Newsreel: Will you be filming exclusively for your own website, or should we look for you on other sites and DVD’s?

Penny: I’m not sure, I’d like to shoot more for other companies, I’ve always had good relations with everyone. So we’ll have to see… Right now I’m just taking my time.

TS-Newsreel: What upcoming projects or scenes are you working on that you may like to share or give us a sneak peek at?

Penny: Just site work mostly, but I did just shoot a scene for Shemale-Strokers, so be on the look out for that! We tried shooting in the essence of my first shoot with them.

TS-Newsreel: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Penny: Yes… Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for watching my videos and looking at my pictures and supporting me these past few years! For bringing me into your life, You have no idea what any of you mean to me. You make me want to do more, you make me want to give you the best of me. I plan on being the best I can be for you! So a really big thank you to you and all of your support!

TS-Newsreel: Penny, thanks for being with us and all the sexy that you bring. You’re a class act and we encourage everyone to join your website and have a great time.

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  1. Randy Rodman [xXx]

    When you say “Penny has taken her sexy up a notch by completing her transition…”, I automatically thought you were referring to sexual reassignment surgery. I was like ‘[Penny’s] a post-op (transgender woman) now?’ But since I just saw a recent pic posted on her Twitter “intact”, I just thought I’d mention that “completing her transition” means she has a shiny new vagina.

    1. Randy Rodman [xXx]

      I meant “Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)”, or GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery).

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